Personal Training

Workout with your significant others or with a friend it’s fun and great savings for you”

All of our trainers and nutritionists are hand pick from thousands of applicants. All of them are nationally certified personal trainers (not gym certify* like you will get in 90% of your gyms). 365 fitness now take pride knowing that our personal trainers have a minimum of 5 years experience in personal training. Also, he or she has to be trained in many different types of training methods.

What does that means for you as a client or potential client?

It means you get an experienced certified trainer, including former or current professional athletes who have made personal training their career.  By conducting extensive criminal backgroung checks on all our trainers, we ensure a safe and risk free enviroment. So, the partnership we build with you will be a long- lasting healthy one.

What everyone should know

Most people choose a trainer and at around 4-6 weeks their bodies get used to the training methods and thus see less results. With us you will not get bored and you won’t lose motivation. This makes it easier to stick to your training routine. Our experts at 365 fitness now make workouts fun and exciting everyday. Most importantly we teach you great training techniques and teach you healthy nutrition so you will have the tools necessary to live a life of great health. Our experts at 365 fitness now will create and customize a program based on your goals.

We asign up to 4 coaches and personal trainer to each client. What does that means to you as a client? You have choices, different training styles and different emphasis and if you choose us as you fitness partner.

* gym certifies trainers are not nationally certified personal trainer and can only train individuals at the gym which they are certified at. Gyms certified trainers is not true certified trainer and are not nationally recognized as personal trainers.